Monday, February 28, 2011

What is a good research paper on ancient art?

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by feministjulie

Question by Jason Who?: What is a good research paper on ancient art?

I have to do a research paper on the history of Art (ancient, Pre-historic,) This paper can be up until the 1300's A.D. A lot of people are doing theirs on the pyramids of Giza and so forth, but I would like to hear some ideas on a research paper. It doesn't have to be on an artist .. It can actually be on a certain piece of art or a subject in general. Thanks!

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Answer by manga_gal_usa
If you want to go really far back you could always to the Venus Figures, which are sculptures made by early neolithic peoples to express fertility and such. Or you could do (if can also be about architecture) a paper about the domed roofs of the Byzantine Empire. Or even the invention of Porcelain in China.

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