Friday, March 4, 2011

Boy hooks $10,000 trout at Thompson ice fishing derby

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Boy hooks ,000 trout at Thompson ice fishing derby

A 10-year-old Thompson boy pulled ,000 through a 6-inch hole in the ice on Sunday. Evan Zanauskas hooked the lucky tagged trout at the Valley Springs Sportsmen’s Club’s ice fishing derby.

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NOAA conducting national survey on economic contributions of saltwater angling

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is surveying saltwater anglers across the nation to update and improve estimates of the overall economic contributions of saltwater recreational fishing to the U.S. economy. This is NOAA’s second national survey focusing on how...

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Salmans hopes to hook more bass anglers

Bass fishing has been in decline in San Diego County for a number of years, but Kelly Salmans hopes to bring it back by luring more anglers to join local bass clubs and get involved in local fishery issues.

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RIO Offers its New StreamerTip Line

2011 Idaho Falls, ID RIO, manufacturer of fly fishing lines, leaders, tippets, and accessories, brings the new StreamerTip line to market for 2011. For anglers who love stripping streamers, casting them just got easier thanks to this new line.Throwing streamers is an essential tool in any fly fishermans arsenal, and RIOs new StreamerTip line allows casting all sizes...

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